Saturday November 3rd 2012

"Intuition and Ingenuity"

Normal Flora & Sean Clark at Leicester exhibition

Monday October 8th 2012

"Intuition and Ingenuity"

tumblr page for Leicester exhibition

Thursday March 22nd 2012

A Festival of Art, Science and Technology

flickr page for Lovebytes 2012 Digital Spring

Sunday February 26th 2012

Personal interpretations, Kinetica - by Rebecca Stevenson

This artwork in particular stood out to me as it had a very strong message behind it. Being able to connect and empathise with a piece of art is very important to me. The visual representation of this piece connecting to issues about homosexuality and death really interested me as in this country homosexuality is mostly accepted and normal but this art really brought to life the clear differences between ours and other countries mentalities.

Sunday February 19th 2012

Kinetica Art Fair 2012 - by Alex Field - ARTSLANT

Now in its fourth year, the Kinetica Art Fair's starting point is organisers the Kinetica Museum, independent practitioners who seek to bring the newest pieces of electronic, kinetic and technological art together in one place for the public to view.

Some of these - like a condenser of liquid from the air to collect moisture in the desert - serve a higher purpose, using technology to make a serious statement. The highlight of this group was Trope Troupe's Departures 4.01, an airport departures board listing out the penalties for homosexuality in different cities around the world, a simple but hard-hitting way of conveying information in a familiar medium.

Saturday December 29th 2011

Gfest November 2011 - Laura Duncan's blog

My favourite piece was by The trope Troupe and called Departures 3.02.
Everything about this piece reminds me why its important to make art, why I want to make art and why I do. I'm still in complete awe at the use of technology and also how the simplicity of the text is so hard hitting. Work like this needs to be made, it needs to public and reach people who just don't understand the issues LGBT individuals still face around the world.

Saturday November 19th 2011

Gfest November 2011 - Time Out Review

Whilst it is not the purpose of the exhibition to be political or to make a stand for equality, The Trope Troupe provides a shocking insight into the ongoing criminalisation of homosexuality around the world. A small size computer screen departures board, Departures 3.02 lists six pages of destinations along with the horrific punishments still imposed, ranging from death by stoning in Islamabad and Tehran, to 20 years and whipping in Kuala Lumpur, and 25 years in Port of Spain. Eye-opening and upsetting, this serves as a reminder of why LGBTQ issues are still in need of attention. But let's not end on a negative thought. Overall, the exhibition is a celebration, not just of all things queer, but of some wonderful art, thought-provoking, poignant, and germane to all. Not to be missed. Anna McNay

Saturday June 18th 2011

at Duckie

Blurb for the night club

Tuesday February 8th 2011

Kinetica Art Fair 2011 ... irreverent musings by a gay London guy

On Friday I went to have a look around the annual Kinetica Art Fair. It was the usual mix of the weird and wonderful. I especially liked the piece that included an airport departure board called "State Sponsored Homophobia" that highlighted pages and pages of world-wide destinations and instead of boarding/go to gate/cancelled type messages it had the punishments for being gay in those areas - flogging/3 years/stoning etc.

Friday February 4th 2011

Kinetica Art Fair ... Review from Michele Codoni

... I also found a very interesting roboticist Sarah Angliss that create an installation with a vintage handbag, giving it the same movement has her hearthbeat.. Really interesting. Moreover an interesting conceptual artist Tom Castle with his project Trope Troupe. Last but not least a designer (Skin Graph) who creates custom made cloths out of a scan of your figure and cut with laser…..

Friday February 4th 2011

Kinetica Art Fair 2011 ...Review from Herbert Wright

... Not everything was cyber-critters, retro-tech or light spectacles. Unusually, The Trope Troupe had a strong statement to make, about state-sponsored homophobia. Their airport departure board displays sentences for homosexual liason instead of plane times - stoning in Riyadh, for example, or 2 years in Singapore (can that be right?)..